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A Hattie Carnegie Style Flashback

Here are some old clippings from when hats made headlines

This Milan straw hat pictured above and named "The Lassie" was a mid-century design by Hattie Carnegie and was described in the fashion pages as follows: "One of the new spring hat designs destined for widespread approval is the "Lassie," a creation by Hattie Carnegie. The creation shown here is of natural Milan with royal chiffon scarf back and trimmed with natural tuscan leaves. These "Lassies" are very gay and have been designed to suggest caps with flowing ribbons that used to be worn by the French bonne and the British "nanna." It may be worn with any style coiffure, especially with those that follow the spring prediction of "dips and waves" on the cheek. Hattie Carnegie's natural milan cap, set back from the brow, wears a garland of tiny straw flowers. 

Stylish Dirt Dodgers



NEW YORK-Good at dodging dirt but willing, if caught, to yield up smudges to a damp cloth are high-styled accessories which should be met with "praises be" by every gal who is tired of being a nursemaid to pretty white collars, gloves, cuffs, bows and other doodads. 


The two sets of accessories shown laugh at laundry or dry-cleaning probems because they are made of fabrics woven with plastic coated yarn. The white hat, bow, cuffs and handbag, left, are immune to practically all forms of dirt, grease, oil, perspiration or finger prints. They can be kept as clean and crisp as a new cracker for many seasons simply by wiping with a damp cloth. 


The hat, gilet and gloves, right , of brown and white checked fabric woven of plexon coated yarn boast the same solid virtues. The hat, Hattie Carnegie-designed, is shower-proof and turns its brim down for rain, up for the sun. 


Hattie's High Hats

HATTIE CARNEGIE emphasizes height in a spring collection of yesteryear. The Light and airy natural panama pictured above in natural panama straw would be striking with its fuchsia ribbon band and rolled brim. The brimless toque of straw cloth reaches even greater heights and accents the brow with its plethora of flattened fabric flowers. A small peplum trims the back.

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