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Stupidly Slow Fashion

Stupidly slow fashion - these were the words of millinery designer Anna Shoub as she described her hat-

making process to me today. Whether spinning yarn, stitching straw, creating colour with indigo dyes, or sewing whimsical adornments, Anna creates THE WHOLE HAT. The process takes time, but Anna would not have it any other way.

I picked up my latest spring/summer topper today after spying it in her intriguing studio. It conveys just the sort of artistic whimsey that speaks to me (hats speak to me a little too often, according to my husband).

Made from braided wheat straw, this beauty was sewn in Anna's Lunenburg studio on a century+ old millinery sewing machine and boasts an organic cotton & hemp band with vintage berries for adornment. A lovingly crafted hat made from scratch is a rare treasure these days; so, if you're not already doing it, have some fun, support a milliner, and share the joy of hats!

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