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From the Jubilee to Jane Austen and Monty Python

I can't say we've put away the 70exceptional hats we presented at the Burlington Central Library June 2nd; in face, we traveled with the exhibit to Etobicoke just a few days ago and hung out with the delightful residents of Delmanor Prince Edward. I, for one, was still on a high from meeting Her Honour, The Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

Here, Her Honour looks into a Viewmaster with an original image card from the Coronation. and it fit! Seems the Viewmaster hasn't changed their design in 70 Years.

I was especially pleased to bring my grandchildren into the fold. Conor presented Her Honoour with a bouquet of flowers and Sidney gifted her with a copy of 1,000 Hats.

My hat was a light-as-air confectionery of green straw by Maria Curcic. if you're wondering how these fascinators stay in place (I do get a lot of questions about that), it is through the genius of a fine grade elastic chignon strap. the hat does not move!

Since moving on with our Jubilee presentations to Etobicoke and Niagara Falls, we've launched a new installation/exhibit, Straw; A Millinery Mainstay 1770 to 1970 (Jane Austen to Monty Python). Let us know if you'd like us to bring this show to your location. We are always happy to bring history to you!

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