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Planning a Coronation Tea?

What better way to celebrate a Royal Event than with Hats?

On the heels of a very successful series of hat events marking the Queen's Jubilee and subsequently her death, we're digging into the millinery archives again. This time, we're pulling out our most exceptional historic and celebratory hats in anticipation of the upcoming coronation.

HRH King Charles III will be crowned on May 6th of this year, and so will HRH The Queen Consort. Camilla is a style-setter when it comes to hats and has even been tagged as "experimental" when it comes to millinery. She always does her best to promote the millinery industry by looking sensational in every topper.

As usual, we're bringing our best to the local events we'll be presiding over - exceptional millinery pieces from each iconic decade. As for new hats, I try not to wear the same hat twice, and so far there's a new one in a box, one on order, and who knows what else is on the way!

If you're too far away to attend one of our hat teas in person, consider booking a virtual exhibit. As always, we can't be everywhere at once, so claim your date early to avoid disappointment.

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