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Sometimes Two Hats are Better than One

Sometimes two hats are better than one. Like recently when I came accross a bright blue wool knit toque with copper coloured fur pompoms. It was similar to hats I got for Christmas and wore in the 60s as a kid. The kind that kept my ears warm even while my fingers were trying to ignore the frostbite that threatened to put an end to outdoor winter play.

The hats weren't just practical, they were attention-grabbers. No one ever confused them with their own when quickly donning outerwear in the cloakroom at recess. Sometimes, though, they attracted the wrong sort of attention. On more than one occassion a boy would yank my toque off my head and skate past me at Hamilton's Gage Park rink, challenging me to chase him.

The cap I was eyeing at Winner's the other day was such a hat; just the thing to wear if I ever found myself in Whoville at Christmas time (a fantasy of mine). I grabbed the hat and scoured the store for a coat and gloves to go with it, while my friend tried to distract me with sensible items. I was not to be stopped. Yesterday, I wore the hat for the first time. No, I wasn't in Whoville; I was out in the wind and cold where the loosely-knit, much-loved topper didn't pass the warm ears-test. Deep was my disappointment in this devastatingly special hat. It's not as if I could tie the lappets to keep the chill at bay; that would have taken the hat from cute to crazy.

Fortunately, I was already headed for the mall where I found a thin, tight-weave cap in purply metallics I can tuck under my new treasure to add warmth, a little height, and some fabulous contrast in colour and textile! So, yes, some days two hats are better than one. Try it! And let me know what you come up with.

In the meantime, have a Hatty day.

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