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The Queen as seen through Hats

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to daylight savings. Hope it will become permanent here in Canada as it begins to look like a certainty in the States. I could sure use that lost hour!

Our days here are getting more hectic as covid restrictions lift and excitement builds for the June Jubilee celebrations. It is a delight to be 'playing' with the treasures we've pulled for the Majestic Inspirations; 70 hats for 70 Years exhibit. There have been a few headaches, but nothing we can't manage.

Ahhh. . . the power of hats!

But, newsflash! We're not stopping at 70 in our 'Have hats, Will Travel' campaign. We are taking additional hats on the road to present 'The Queen as seen through Hats' events. Won't it be fun to sip tea and learn about

· How the symbolic colour, style, and decorative elements of Her Majesty’s hats communicate meaning;

· How, as the embodiment of the 2nd Elizabethan era, Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe selections for specific official engagements reflect important social trends and historic events throughout most of the 20th century;

· The Queen in black;

· The Queen at leisure;

· What it means to be milliner to The Queen?

I hope to see you at one of these events. In the meantime, have a hatty day!

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